How to Set Up a Corporate Portal and Maximize Its Potential to Drive Growth

Let’s face it, the majority of corporate intranet portals are slow, challenging to use, jam-packed with stale information, and downright unsightly. If your portal does not succeed in making your employees’ jobs easier, then there is no sense in having one at all. To read more details about functionality of board portals we recommend you to visit site

How to Establish a Corporate Portal

Choose the Appropriate Portal Application

The success of your company intranet depends on employee participation. When it comes to intranet software, there is no one size fits all, but whichever tool you use, be sure to thoroughly examine it with your staff. Ensure that everyone can contribute easily and find the information they require.

Publish Stuff

Start by setting up a specific workspace for each subject, undertaking, or group, such as Team Updates, Knowledge Base, HR, etc. You can start making the first pages after the fundamental structure is in place. It is simple to do thanks to the intuitive visual editor.

Nuclino is an excellent application for memos and announcements as well as meeting notes, checklists, project plans, press release drafts, and other collaborative project documentation because every page can be modified by many users in real time.

Set Up User Roles

There are a few choices you must make in order to configure permissions and access privileges for your team members properly:

  • Which details should be made public and which ought to remain private?
  • Which team members should have access to change the wiki’s content?
  • Who on the team should be able to access account settings and billing?

Add users to groups like Engineers, HR, or All to make things simpler. This will enable you to mass add individuals to pertinent workspaces and alert numerous users at once.

Bring Your Group on Board

Even if a product is straightforward to use, getting your staff to use it can be difficult. And when it comes to corporate intranets, having team buy-in is especially crucial. After all, an intranet can only fulfill its function if it is updated collectively by the entire business.

You can persuade your team to support you in a number of ways:

Impressions are important. Ensure that it is reflected on the opening page of your corporate intranet for new team members. An excellent opportunity to offer some direction on how to utilize the intranet and where to locate what is a welcoming and useful welcome page.

Make sure to offer sufficient incentives to motivate your team to participate. Make it a KPI, and honor the contributors who are most engaged.

Start the process. Everyone could need some time to form the proper habits, especially if they have never utilized an intranet portal previously. Encourage people to use the intranet if they have a query they are asking on Slack. The employee will be able to find the solution if it is documented; otherwise, urge them to make a new entry for it, consult the team, and record the solution so that the subsequent person won’t have to ask the same question once more.