Avast Business Antivirus 2021: Full Protection

Avast Business Antivirus 2021: Full Protection
Avast Business Antivirus 2021: Full Protection

Avast Business Antivirus is an Avast antivirus tariff plan that includes many useful tools in its main functions. For example, you get multiple scans, an intelligent firewall and spam filter, and even a Wi-Fi inspector, and that’s not all. Antivirus is great for medium and small companies, but if large companies wish to install it, this is also possible. In this article, we will take a detailed overview of Avast Business Antivirus and discover its main features.

Avast Business Antivirus settings

Avast business antivirus will offer users a 30-day trial version of its services, and when installing and configuring it, it does not require any data other than a name and email address. The installation process itself takes a few minutes, just follow the instructions on the screen and accept all program requests by default.

But after that, the time comes to click on the “Configure” button and here you have to decide what functions you want to see in your antivirus, this business version gives you total administration over your security tools.

If we talk about compatibility with operating systems, then Avast Business supports only the latest versions of Windows and Mac.

After installation, the “weight” of the program will be 1GB, which is not small but not so much, especially since Avast’s resource consumption is minimal.

Main characteristics of Avast Business

The Avast Business control panel is practically no different from the classic Avast. On the main screen, you can see the status of your PC in real-time, and the central button allows you to start different types of scans. On the left side panel, there are additional buttons that open access to other anti-virus functions.

So in the antivirus, there is a Smart Scan function that can completely scan your system in the shortest possible time. In the “scan” pane you can see additional features that will help you run a full system scan, scan specific files or folders, or schedule boot-time scans.

Rescue Disk is a special function that creates a special place to clean clogged systems. Avast can burn this directly to a USB key, or save it as an ISO image for burning to CDs.

Avast Business Antivirus can scan URL addresses even without the need for browser extensions, which will perfectly protect you from phishing sites.

The Real Site feature configures your system to use Avast’s secure encrypted DNS system, which reliably protects you from DNS leaks.

The Avast sandbox ensures you and launches suspicious programs and documents in an isolated place where they cannot harm your OS.

Wi-Fi Inspector is an incredibly useful feature that quickly scans your network listing associated hardware, their IP addresses, and device type, which is great at detecting the presence of unauthorized devices that are brazenly using your network. It also helps you find your weaknesses in defense, and fix them.

Avast Business Protection

During the test, Avast Business showed itself from a very good side, in comparison with the checks that were carried out earlier. Since then, Avast has been able to improve and achieve a 100% guarantee of protection.

Avast Business quickly responds to the slightest threat and skillfully detects ransomware. Maybe not in the best way, but the antivirus reads the malware behavior model and, based on the standard virus behavior, recognizes the infected files and quickly destroys them from your system.