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Document editing
Document editing

Working as a freelancer you are your boss, but at the same time, it means that you can only rely on yourself. That’s why any freelancer can benefit from programs for tracking and managing work processes. After all, no matter how careful and organized a person is, it takes too much time to search for or structure some documents. In this article, we will tell you about the best programs for editing and managing documents so that you, as a freelancer, can make your life much easier

Bonsai Review

We didn’t start talking about Bonsai in the first place for nothing, because this program has long been recorded as a favorite of many freelance marketers, designers, and developers. The reason for this is that its features include:

  • Ability to compute and calculate costs while importing into your clients’ invoices
  • Having great contract templates that reduce your time and help you generate your requests faster
  • Sign and deliver documents free of charge

This program can easily replace several programs that specialize in only one area, all for a very loyal price.

The interface of the program is also very simple and convenient, when you open the program in front of you, you can immediately see the templates collected in one place. You can easily generate your documents and forward them to your clients.

If you wish, you can even easily create your templates.

Trello Overview

Trello is a program that will be your perfect solution if you have an established client base, or if you often do the same work. This document editor will help you keep track of any number of tasks and monitor any do’s and don’ts while working on any project.

Other useful features:

  • The collaboration feature will help you find a better rapport with clients
  • A special task card allows you to add comments, set deadlines, or upload attachments to your documents
  • Integrate Trello with third-party applications
  • Ability to create a whiteboard repository, or view other users’ whiteboard repositories

Toggl Plan Overview

Toggl Plan is a unique and flexible, yet simple application that will suit freelancers of all stripes. Learning time to use it is minimal, setting up and managing your workflows will be done in minutes:

Other features:

  • For better organization of a new project, you will be able to schedule certain tasks on a special timeline
  • Create your whiteboard to facilitate your workflow and distribute your time according to the urgency and importance of your tasks
  • Easily edit your schedule if something has changed
  • Augment your tasks with notes, tags, and deadlines
  • Build trust with your customers and let them see your work progress by using the guest mode

GitHub Review

GitHub is an assistant program that freelancers in the programming industry can consider. You can use it to connect with programmers around the world who can help you create a specific project, and vice versa, you can also help your colleagues.

Other features:

  • Post your code to the public repository if you want all users to see it, and privately if you want to show it only to people you permit to
  • Organize your workflows with boards
  • Track and fix code bugs and prioritize your tasks
  • Easily create websites and documentation
  • Use the ability to integrate modified codes into your existing

You can use GitHub for free, but only with the condition that you use a limited amount of storage. The price of a paid package starts at $4.